John Cassidy    £7.99
John Cassidy's Dot.con is the most sweeping and definitive assessment published thus far of the stock market mania that swept this country in the late 1990s.
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Business the
amazon.com way
 Rebecca Saunders    £9.99
Amazon - one of the most copied sites in history - has revolutionized the way the world buys books. Follow Amazon's history and look into the future.
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boo hoo
 Various    £12.59
This isn't a conventional business story: the authors describe the parties, glamour, conflict and long working nights, not to mention the media frenzy that followed boo at every stage.
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How to Cook
Book 1
 Delia Smith    £11.89
Delia Smith's aim is to equip her readers with the basic techniques of cooking which, after some practice, will help them discover the pleasures of home-made food.
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How to Cook
Book 2
 Delia Smith    £11.89
You'll find clear and simple explanations of jointing and carving chicken, boning fish, melting chocolate, using leaf gelatine, making a vinaigrette, even serving a mango.
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How to Cook
Book 3
 Delia Smith    £13.29
This book concludes Delia's exploration of cooking techniques and ingredients in the reliable manner that has made her the queen of domestic cookery instructors.
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How to be a
 Alan Titchmarsh    £9.49
No safer pair of hands than those of Alan Titchmarsh could be imagined to coax the nervous would-be gardener into picking up a spade.
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Water Garden
 Charlie Dimmock    £7.99 
Adding interest to the average city or suburban garden can be a challenge. See how to create different effects that won't stretch your budget too far.
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Changing Rooms
Home Makeover
 BBC    £11.99
Changing Rooms Complete Home Makeover is the perfect practical guide to re-designing and re-decorating your home.
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 Jakob Neilson    £21.69
Most authors leave a significant gap between the theory and practice. This book fills the gap with specific observations and suggestions backed with solid quantitative analysis.
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Dreamweaver 4
for Dummies
 Warner & Vachier    £15.99
This book covers both Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4, with special coverage of Fireworks - the web graphics application. Dreamweaver has everything you need to develop a professional Web site.
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Frontpage 2002
for Dummies
 Asha Dornfest    £19.99
The number one book for first time FrontPage users with over 170,000 copies in print over all editions. The aim is to deliver the know-how you need to create state-of-the-art Web pages.
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Harry Potter
Adult's Box Set
 JK Rowling    £19.60
This adult edition four-book slipcase houses the first four titles in the Harry Potter series in paperback. They're the same - just in more adult covers!
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Da Gospel
according to Ali G
 Ali G    £10.39
Quote from the book: "Me thort that the GCE exams were easy, an just coz me an da examiner had diffrent points of view, it dont mean that i was necessarily wrong!"
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About a Boy
 Nick Hornby    £3.49
Will is 36 and doesn't really want children. But then he comes across 12-year-old Marcus and it's pretty clear that Marcus would like a dad.
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